Seeking Justice [2011]

Seeking Justice [2011]

Drama, Action

Director: Roger Donaldson

Writers: Robert Tannen (screenplay & story), Todd Hickey (story)

Recommend Level: Good


“After his wife is assaulted, a husband enlists the services of a vigilante group to help him settle the score. Then he discovers they want a ‘favor’ from him in return.” [IMDB]

Seeking Justice [UK Trailer]

I think the movie could have been a lot better but for what I saw I thought it was pretty good. [main actor] plays the emotional husband well but I was expecting more anger during his first encounter with the guy they call Simon. Other then that i suppose the movie was directed to be more realistic then ‘over the top cgi filled and action packed’, and for the most part it does. If it’s not ment to be over dramatised then I can’t say much that I see wrong.

Ratings Out Of Five

Story – 5/5

Special Effects – 2/5

Guy Pearce – Simon 2/5

Nicolas Cage – Will Gerard 2/5

January Jones – Laura Gerard 2/5

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