Da Brat – Life After Death [Mixtape Album]


Da Brat – Life After Death [Mixtape Album]

01 – Intro (DJ Greg Street)

02 – It’s Brat (Tupac Back Remix) ft. Jermaine Dupri & Mister

I didn’t understand the title till I looked up the Tupac Back and heard the Meek Mill track featuring Rick Ross. The first thing I thought of when this song started was Tyga & Chris Brown Snapbacks Back, but I’m guessing the Meek Mill track came out first. Da Brat goes in talking about her return to the scene even though she’s been through prison.

Quotes: Nig*a It’s Brat, Feedback I Need That, I Got That Ghetto Love, That’s What I’m Looking For

Rate: 4/5

03 – West Side ft. Jermaine Dupri

A Old Skool feel for this one. The chorus reminds me of the Tupac track Hit Em’ Up and the beat reminds me of the 90’s when Hip-Hop tracks came with that slow jam feel. For some reason Tyrese keeps coming up in my mind.

Quotes: Only One Brat, I’m The Best That Ever Did It It’s Da Brat, Pop A Bottle If You Fk With Da Brat

Rate: 3/5

04 – Get It Get It ft. Jermaine Dupri, Greg Street, Brandon Hines & Jadakiss

Brandon Hines jumps on this record to sing the chorus while Jadakiss features with a rap. Da Brat explains that shes doing what she needs to do.

Quotes: I’m Just Trying To Get It Get It,

Rate: 3/5

05 – Racks (Remix) ft. Jermaine Dupri & YC

Da Brat explaining that if your not talking about money then she doesn’t want to know.

Quotes: Racks On Racks On Racks, Imma Make It Make It Rain,

Rate: 3/5

06 – Sure Thing (Remix) ft. Jermaine Dupri, Greg Street & Miguel

I have no idea why you would want to remix this song; it’s not even that good enough of a song in the first place.

Quotes: Even when the sky comes fallin, So Wicked And Strong, We Got It Goin On

Rate: 1/5

07 – Second Chance ft. Jermaine Dupri

Da Brat talks about what it was like in prison and how much she had to go though

Quotes: Serve your purpose, I’m ’bout to send you these verses

Rate: 2/5

08 – Fab Five Freddy ft. Jermaine Dupri

Da Brat talks about what her style is and how shes keeping it real

Quotes: Call Me Cheech & Chong, I Got That Good Shit, That Real Rap Shit Fab Five Freddy

Rate: 3/5

09 – Dumb Stupid Crazy ft. Jermaine Dupri, Greg Street & Twista

Da Brat brings in Twista to talk about time wasters and what their really into instead. Its good hearing Da Brat rapping at the high pace shes known for. Twista does what he does best.

Quotes: Dumb Stupid Crazy Spittin Harder Than A Muh’Fucker, Look At All The Bullshit I Been Through

Rate: 4/5

10 – Motivation ft. Jermaine Dupri & Kelly Rowland

Da Brat jumps on Kelly Rowlands Motivation track and brings her own remix to it. They explain the way they like to be loved in the bedroom, or wherever you want it.

Quotes: You can do it I believe in you baby, I’mma Be Your Motivation

Rate: 4/5

11 – Look At Me Now ft. Greg Street & Jermaine Dupri

The best track on the Mixtape by far, shame really as its supposed to bring Da Brat back into the mainstream but this was the only track that did exactly that. Chris Brown is dropping tracks all over the place and making them hits, so it makes sense to use one of his.

Quotes: I’m On My Chris Brown, Look At Me Now, I’m Stay Gettin Paper, I’m Fresher Than A Muh’Fucker

Rate: 5/5

To round off the whole mixtape I have to say it’s pretty disappointing. I have listened to many mixtapes and they never provide as they should. The best mixtape that I have ever heard has to be the Tyga & Chris Brown – Fan Of A Fan Mixtape. If Da Brat and JD did something like that then they would be receiving the much needed attention Da Brat needs right now.

Thanks to: Global 14

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