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XBox 360 – Injustice Gods Among Us – Story Mode Playthrough Review

Monday, May 13th, 2013


Console: Xbox 360
Title: Injustice Gods Among Us
Player: MKIceVsFire
Playthrough: Watch (Coming Soon)

Take a look and post your opinions or review, help MkIceVsFire create more great playthroughs.

MKIceVsFire shows us how to complete Injustice Gods Among Us on the Xbox 360. I work in retail myself and was awaiting the world to start releasing play throughs / walk throughs for this game as it sat mocking me on the shelf. I have finally found a worthy playthrough and I’m glad to bring this to you. I love superhero’s and the recent DC games have been pretty good; Batman Arkham Asylum & Arkham City to name the recent.

In this game you will see the overall story unfold as you play through Individual characters. As the story unfolds you will move from one character to the other, in a combined story as the good defeat evil.

injustice character selection

Injustice Gods Among Us Character Selection in VS mode

The videos are roughly 10 minutes long each with the first being just under 31 minutes. There are 15 episodes in total which also indicates the lack of playing time the game gives you, but include the visual graphics and story board you can understand the restrictions in length; if the game had poorer graphics you could use up more disc space for a bigger story. I’m not complaining myself as I was frozen to the screen while watching the first episode. I’m sure you should be able to choose a different character to start with, which brings on a different feel to the story board as you play it.

bain and lex luthor

Bain and Lex Luthor

As you play, or shall I say as you are guided through, the game you will move from the initial story into a battle. Once the battle is finished you then move back into the story. Do not rush the story as the visuals are amazing and cinema style movie parts are worth watching. Even during a battle there are many different aspects that separate this game from its predecessors; using certain items around you or doing a special move that totally changes the landscape and moves you to a different area.

I was glad to find this playthrough and thank MKIceVsFire for bringing it to us.

battle information

Information you see during your battles

Injustice-Gods-Among-Us-battle 1

Injustice-Gods-Among-Us-battle 2

Injustice-Gods-Among-Us-battle 3


MKIceVsFire Rating Out Of Five

Playthrough – 4/5 Looked too easy, would have been nice to seen the hero get close to dieing

Game Rating Out Of Five

Graphics – 5/5 HD graphics are amazing during battles and the whole story

Engagement – 5/5 I could not see myself getting bored and the story board has been written very well

Length – 3/5 The overall story is too short for me, but the up side is the chance to see what happens with different characters

Difficulty – 3/5 All fighting games are initially meant to be easy to play so it doesn’t shock me to see that anyone can play this game. The up side is if you want to know all the good moves you will need to spend some quality time working them out, while not forgetting them.

Recommendation – 5/5 Great game to watch and looks like a great game to play

Playthrough: Watch (Coming Soon)

Thanks to: MKIceVsFire (YouTube)

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