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Before I get into anything I just want to say a big thank you to you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to check my website out.

The Past

I was born in Leicester UK 1983 and grew up in an average house with my family.  As I grew up I would listen to the radio and catch all the songs that I liked in the top 40, as well as watching the iconic show Top Of The Pops.  I was only into pop music when I was young and loved singing along to them.  As I got older I then into different types of music but the one that took my mind away was R&B.

Over the years I have seen many artists come a go and always woundered why they stopped making music.  It ws only when I stsrted watching documentaries that I realised the work that goes into making music and sadly the money that runs it.

The Future

The reason for DaMintMusic is to help bring back the music I loved and help develop the music of the future.  Before, the record labels would test out songs and see what would make a hit, but they never stressed out about the ones that didn’t.  These days the music scene is so heavily run by money that good music is going to waste.  What I see now is the same as getting tipsy on alcohol; You get the quick buzz that only lasts a few hours and then your life is the same the next day, only with a lot less money.  What I’m on is the stuff you can drink at any time and not feel the need to get tipsy as it always gives you what you nee.  This is what the music scene used to be like; that constant flow of creative music.

You won’t see all the songs artists are releasing but the music that I consider great, you know, continuing that old skool flow.  You can register and provide your feedback’s as well.  Many people today want to be involved in the music scene and feel that the music scene is too much for them, or maybe a scene they can’t get into.  Remember good music lasts the ages while trash gets thrown out.  You can always put your music onto the website and get people on here to critique your work, then use that to make your music better.  Humans are very judgemental and can shift from one thing to another, and we always look for that thing that stays constant.

My Dream

When I was at Uni I started mixing songs on the computer and my friends liked it.  It gave me a good feeling and I wanted to keep going and start a production company.  Sadly the Uni situation ended (got a Degree) and I was thrown into that world of Money.  I didn’t get the Degree job but I make what I can.

I want to start a new journey and take you guys with me.  I believe that we collectively can do more then what we could only dream.  I like being apart of something and that thing right now is to make good music.  If I could get creative people together and start a production company then we could all move forward together.  If you have a talent and want to be apart of this then put your best foot forward.  This isn’t about money; I’m not rich and I’m in the same boat as you.  This is about talented people coming together to make good music for music sake, and because they love it.

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