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Do I Need A TV Licence? Is It Legally Required?

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

The only answer to these two questions is NO! please read on

The BBC own the TV Licensing and only require you to own a TV Licence if you use equipment to receive a TV Programs Service.  These services are mainly by (but not solely by) via Cable, Satellite, FreeView, FreeSat and any equipment you use to watch or hear TV Program Services.

Soooo, did YOU know that you do not need a TV Licence if you do not use or receive a TV Program Service?; a service that supplies TV programs to equipment that you use to view TV programs, also being received at the same time by the general pubic.  If you have a TV and only use it for your PS3 or XBox360 (or any other games console) for example then you legally do not require a TV Licence and the BBC (who own the TV Licensing) can not request payment for a license you do not require.  Even if you have a DVD Recorder or Bluray Recorder (which can receive TV Program Services) and only use it to watch movies etc., you do not require a TV Licence and you are not legally required to have one.

You are not a criminal for not having one and if a TV Licence affiliate / client (Visiting officer) comes to your door you have the right to close the door and not talk to that person.  They have no legal power and they can not step foot into your property unless you let them in.  If you do choose to let them in then they will have the means to capture evidence against you, which they will then use in a court of law. Since you have not signed any documents, stating that you agree to the terms & conditions of owning a TV Licence, therefore they have no legal right to chase you for payment or fine you for not having one.  The BBC is a private company, that provides a service, and not a Government body, so if your not using their service you DO NOT have to pay them.

But at any point you want to watch TV Programs via a TV Program Service then you will need a TV Licence, as this is the main term & condition set by the BBC to watch TV Programs via a TV Program Service.

For more information and to understand your rights, please click the link below:

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