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Getting Back On Track

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Hello All

After a few busy months I look forward to getting back on here and posting all the new stuff that I’ve been finding.  One of the great things I got used to is Game Play-Through; when people record their game Walk-Through so you can see how they completed the game.  Some new games are like stories that you create as you play them; so when you move from one main part to another you see the process as a mini movie.  I’ll be posting these up, hope you all will enjoy them like I have.

Sooooo many new movies are out and many I have not been able to review, even though I’ve been watching movies a lot.  I’m not sure about TV shows but I think it would be interesting to start adding TV shows to my reviews, at least then you know what I’m watching and can join along with comments.

P2P files???? are TV shows, which you have a right to record and watch as many times as you like, deemed to be pirating? Even if you pay for a TV License, which provides funding for these programs (and you are a contributor), you can still download and watch a missed TV show via the Internet as you help pay for its production.  Cable & Satellite suppliers do not provide enough back dated shows for you to watch.  You are not getting the best deals possible via the money you spend, which includes your TV License and Subscription in separate payments.  With a lot of money being spent you should be given more choice and better options.

DaMintMusic does not host any files but will provide links to external file hosting sites that do, for the sole purpose of critiquing.  If you are using these links then please provide constructive feedback to help improve then Movies, Music and TV Shows we get shown.

Why settle for less when you control the scene; consumers have the power so start demanding better stuff or move your interests elsewhere.