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Legend Of The Millennium Dragon [2011]

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Legend Of The Millennium Dragon [2011]


Director: Hirotsugu Kawasaki

Writers: Takafumi Takada (based on the novel by), Naruhisa Arakawa (screenplay) & Hirotsugu Kawasaki (screenplay)

Recommend Level: Very Good, English Audio version avaiable or subtitles


A story of a little boy who doesn’t seem to fit within the expectations of the common, yet a step too far, system of normality. Blessed with a kind heart he just can’t find his place in the world. Already at that age of innocence but the gods just keep putting him in the wrong places at the wrong times.

As he tries to figure out how to get through the day, without incident, the feeling I got was one of sadness. This little boy is trying to be normal but something keeps happening to him, to the point that being clumsy is a disease. Even if it’s not his fault he gets blamed for it. Can’t help but want to protect him from the alien society and to allow his individuality to shine, an individuality that others take time to develop.

An almost outcast in his world you kinda fail to remember, yet should expect, that he will be the weirdo turned hero. The story was nice and his kind heart shines throughout the whole movie.  As he goes on his adventure I did see things that I felt he would be more uneasy about but he just seemed to let it go. If I was kidnapped and transported to an ancient city I would probably be scared out of my skin (even though that phrase never made sense).

The special effects where really good, even elements of 3d (without glasses) within a 2d world thanks to some cleaver use of sharpness and texture. Animations open up a world of creativity and Japanese animations (like there culture) really do take things to a different level; having seven senses is nothing but normal.

Onigamiden (Legend of the Millennium Dragon) Official Trailer!

Ratings Out Of Five

Story – 3/5

Special Effects – 4/5

Thanks: Amazon, SonyPicturesDVD (YouTube)

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