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30 Minutes Or Less [2011]

Friday, April 20th, 2012

30 Minutes Or Less [2011]

Comedy, Action

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Writers: Michael Diliberti (screenplay), Michael Diliberti (story), Matthew Sullivan (story)

Recommend Level: Good


“Two fledgling criminals kidnap a pizza delivery guy, strap a bomb to his chest, and inform him that he has mere hours to rob a bank or else… ” [IMDB]

30 Minutes Or Less – Official Trailer [HD]

so when did funny and serious get together and have a baby? 30 Minutes or Less has to be
one of my favourite comedy movies out.

The story is ridiculous and well written. [the writers name] have really mixed a sense of identifying factors with over the top antics. [the two loners] played by [actors names] are surprising smart for two lazy entrepreneurs (which they cant even say right). Both actors did a great job playing their respected parts. On the other side we have two friends who have totally different views on life and love. So while one has a dead end job and a girlfriend, the other has a respected role and enjoys a quickie in the car.

I like the way the writers mixed comedy with a hint of seriousness, even though their inexperience with responsibility is hilariously evident. The question of friendship is obvious to see and it doesn’t surprise me as you can relate to their desperate cries for attention falls on def ears; how two friends who know each other for soo long can fall apart so quickly.

But they manage to see past their idiotic ways and deal with the challenge at hand. No spoilers here so you’ll just have to watch to know what that is. Just shows how two idiots, who downsize each other, can end up taking life a lot seriously and rise to the challenge.


Why call it 30 Minutes or Less when the action in relation only happens once?, the second time doesn’t count as it leads to a totally different story that has nothing to do with the title; the term 10 hours comes to mind. ’30 minutes or less’ for a few minutes only, then its onto ’10 Hours or Dead’ for the rest. (and yes I will be claiming royalties off this title if this movie comes out [ha ha])

Ratings Out Of Five

Story – 5/5

Special Effects – 3/5

Jesse Eisenberg – Nick 4/5

Aziz Ansari – Chet 4/5

Danny McBride – Dwayne 4/5

Nick Swardson – Travis 4/5

Dilshad Vadsaria – Kate 3/5

Michael Peña – Chango 3/5

Thanks:,, Viso Trailors (YouTube)

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