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Araab Muzik – A Millie Producer Freestyle On Akai MPC

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


Music Production
Araab Muzik

I have not heard a lot about Araab Muzik but finding this during a video search on YouTube for the MPC has got me interested in what this kids all about. In this video we see him make his own freestyle version of the ‘Bangladesh – A Milli’ instrumental. He goes in hard and displays how quickly he has to move his hands to make the beats. The video is not sped up in any way, so what you see is actually him making the beat in real time.

Akai MPC Renaissance

Akai MPC Renaissance

If you want to make your own beats then get yourself a drum machine like the Akai MPC Araab Muzik is using in this video or the BeatKangz Beat Thang, both machines are a small sample of a huge selection of drum machines available on the market. Click on the links below for more information.

Beat Kangz Beat Thang

Beat Kangz Beat Thang

Thanks to: Araab Muzik, YouTube

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