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Untitled – Stupid Dumb Fly

Thursday, July 12th, 2012


Untitled – Stupid Dumb Fly ft. Ludacris

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Ludacris takes some time to bring out a new track from his R&B group ‘Untitled’. I personally have no idea why you would want to call yourself untitled but someones got to use it. The track itself it pretty nice and the lads defiantly have their individual traits. I don’t know who’s who right now but they work well together. Ludacris co-signs the track by jumping on it and Luda isn’t a bad name to be working with either. His voice really works well with the beat.

MC’s Rating Out Of Five

Untitled – 5/5

Ludacris – 5/5

Beat Rating Out Of Five

4/5 –

Quotes: Your Ass Is Fire, I’m On That Stupid Dumb Fly Shit, Uh Na Na Na, Me So Horny

Thanks to: DopeHood

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