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Weezer – Can’t Stop Partying

Friday, April 27th, 2012


Weezer – Can’t Stop Partying ft. Lil’ Wayne


Download from Zippyshare for a listen and post your opinions or review

A massive thanks to to Jermain Dupri and his Living The Life Vlog (Video Blog) for continuously playing this track in the background and then showing it live. I never would have thought about posting it but its catchy and I’m pretty hooked on it. It’s a 2009 track but it’s relevant and still makes you jump around.

Mc’s Rating Out Of Five

Weezer – 5/5

Lil’ Wayne – 4/5

Beat Rating Out Of Five

5/5 – Upbeat, rocky and catchy

Quotes: I Can’t Stop Partying Partying

Thanks to: Jermaine Dupri’s Living The Life (You Tube)

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